Saturday, July 23, 2016

Meaningful Elderhood

In these winter months it's an opportune time for reflection. 

What makes your life meaningful in your elder years?

As our lifespan is greater than any generation before us, we can shape ourselves into the kind of elder we want to be. It's an extraordinary time to be alive! 

We now have a smorgasbord of activities and experiences to delve into.

Waking up feeling optimistic about your day is a sure sign that your life has meaning. 

For many, this time is for re-defining oneself. 

Perhaps mourning the loss of our younger self, or identity? 

Letting go of one's former identity can be difficult for some.

In our quest to live meaningfully, I believe it’s to live authentically, in alignment with our values and personal ethos. With renewed confidence and a “so what” attitude, our 3rd chapter can be the most joyful and meaningful time of our lives.

Have you ever asked yourself "Who am I ?"

During our early years we may have searched outside for meaning, but who we are usually results from an inner search. So you could say that ageing is an inside job!

In the past, ageing was usually associated with growing old, disease and ultimately death. But no, ageing can be a source of growth, happiness and wellbeing, and the cultural narrative we've been given has got it wrong" (William Thomas). 

It can be seductive to buy into the 'forever young' look, or see hope in a bottle, and deny reality. Our lives are etched in our faces. What is the point of gathering years of experiences if only to erase them?

We can certainly feel vibrant and look young, but the value and meaning of our life experiences cannot be forgotten.
(Image source: unknown)

Even the gathering of wisdom is meaningful, don't you think? As is the remembering of our own unique life that is full of gifts, like the Elder tree in your garden.