Sunday, July 5, 2015


It IS possible to grow older without losing your sparkle !

Though I have previously posted 5 tips to juicy ageing, I have updated them. 
Yes, they're now 10, and here they are !

  1. Tune into your HEART daily and CONNECT with your loved ones regularly. Heal any wounds that may still be festering. This is healing for your heart, emotionally and physically. At least once a day whether its via phone or in person, actually have a conversation, or connect via the internet or FB. Feeling lonely can lead to depression.
  2. Never stop LEARNING - a language or new leisure activity. Challenge your beliefs or ways of doing something. Research suggests that people who do this, stay mentally alert. My mother did cryptic crosswords all through her 3rd chapter and could even remember her ATM pin the night before she died at 95 years!
  3. LOVE your life NOW, and remember to feel the JOY (Joy increases your level of DHEA and has been studied by longevity researcher, Ellen Langer). Make love and joy a priority as it is medicine for your soul. If it helps you to remember, make LOVE cards and put them in places around your home to prompt you.
  4. Spend time in NATURE. Take that walk, smell those roses, and teach those after you to cherish and appreciate Mother Earth , her healing and her gifts. Become an earth activist!
  5. Remember to PLAY and find an outlet for your PASSION - if you don't have one, dig deep into your childhood to what you loved doing then. Passion fires up your soul and this very energy gives you that youthful glow, and your inner child will thank you.
  6. REFLECT on the meaning of your life. Have you lived well? Are there things you have left undone? If you have doubts, explore this with a trusted friend or a professional.
  7. Your SEXUAL self is also important - if you've a partner, make time for sacred sex. Or if you are single, there are other ways to honour your sexual self like sensual massage, attending a tantric weekend.
  8. Make time for SOLITUDE or meditation. If you are unable to do this, find a spiritual mentor. There is much evidence that shows we are more open to insights and flow when solitude is a regular part of our lives.
  9. WISDOM gathering - researcher Paul Baltes posits that people who are intentionally introspective are more likely to be wiser than extroverted others who don't make time for their inner life.
  10. And of course, I don't have to tell you this one, but I will! The three essentials that fuel your body, your temple - a healthy DIET of live food, preferably a Mediterranean or Vegetarian one, plus pure WATER, combined with regular EXERCISE that decreases cognitive decline, keeps joints working and muscles strong.

I would love to hear your own valuable tips
please share in the comments. 
Thank you

If the only prayer
you say in your entire life is
Thank you
that would suffice
Meister Eckhart