Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Have I done Enough with my Life?

The title of this post has been sitting here for some time, and only this morning did I feel inspired to post something today. 

Life nudged me!

In the last two months I've relocated, been hospitalised, and now as I am regaining most of my vital juice, it is time to inject some into this blog!

As I listened to Charlotte Campbell-Stephens this morning on our LIFE MATTERS Radio National program, speaking courageously about her 7 year long legal battle for justice after her gang-rape experience in Kenya, and then expressing her joy at her educational work with women, and especially young boys, I thought to myself "No, I have not done enough!". 

I CAN do more.

When I read about the numerous acts of violence and torture of people as well as animals, and the rape of our planet, there is plenty for us to do. I can get more involved to help effect change for anyone, or animals, who experience violence or oppression.  

Michael Gurian talks about my post topic in his insightful book The Wonder of Ageing in which he also discusses topics such as sex, how men and women age differently, effects of ageing on the brain, living with a sense of legacy and purpose, becoming an elder, and how to peacefully navigate the last chapter of life.  Living with a sense of legacy and purpose seems to me a vital aspect of living out these years, and why we need to ask ourselves the question  "have we done enough" until we feel we have.

So readers, if you believe that you've not done enough, how might you take a first step?  

Doing more can take many forms, eg. giving some of your time, teaching at the University of the 3rd Age, sharing your experience, mentoring a younger person, or if you are fortunate to be financially comfortable, gifting someone less fortunate with a surprise envelope of $sssss! 

That happened to me some 10 years ago...yes, someone had pushed an envelope under my front door that contained FIVE beautiful green ones ($500). At that time I was experiencing a financial and physical lull in my life, and the money gave me such a boost that I was moved to give away my old car to someone who needed one (at that time I had the loan of my daughter's car while she was living in the UK). I know who the giftees were, and to this day I am grateful for their gift.