A Blog Tour - Navigating The Writing Path, From Start To Finish

Today I'm taking a creative diversion from my usual topics of discussion as I was invited by the lovely Asrael Zemenick, an Ayurvedic Practitioner, Karma Yoga Instructor and Jyotish Astrologer, to join a “Blog Tour” (sponsored by Sheri and Carly at IC Publishing- follow via #ICBlogTour). 

Until now I hadn't really thought too deeply about my writing process, so it's been an ideal opportunity for me to reflect on this. Here are my insights.

How do you start your writing project(s)? 
My writing projects - whether a post on my Blog or post on my FB business page, are always prefaced by an urging from deep within, an intuitive ‘flash’, or a response to something I’ve read or seen. At other times I’m inspired by an article that I may have bookmarked for research purposes. As I’m passionate about sharing my experiences, my ideas for creative and juicy ageing with other women, this is a motivating factor for me to write.I am inclined to flow from the academic aspect of self, to the intuitive self.I've also learned the hard way by not attending to flashes of insight I receive when in bed just before sleep sets in!

I rarely think about writing – it’s a completely spontaneous occurrence. As my livelihood does not depend on my writing, I can let go and allow whatever needs to arise organically. When the flow begins, I start writing and pull in all the bits that have been incubating in my subconscious. 

How do you continue your writing project?
Last year when I published an e-book I found I had to discipline myself to just get it done! I had already written most of the stories and needed just one more – so an incentive was beneficial to continue! I wanted to know how it would be received by readers. For blog posts,I don’t tend to push myself as I know it’ll come when the time is right.I've found that the weather does influence my writing.I need to feel comfortable.The warmer weather seems to be more conducive for my writing life, and I'm often given glimpses or ideas as I commune with nature. When I'm in this space I seem to have a greater capacity to tune in.

How do you finish your project?
When writing a blog post, I usually finish it in one sitting, as the topic information has been in the gestation stage for some time. However, on a couple of occasions I've prepared a draft and returned to it the next day or a few days later when I felt an urge from my soul that I could press the send button! I usually get a sense that I'm done, when a settled feeling arises within.

Include one challenge or additional tip that our collective communities could help with or benefit from
Aha...I've learned over the years to accept myself! That what I do is good enough, whether it is writing, a creative project, or something else. The important thing is to let go, and take time off for creativity and intuition to flow. As I write first for myself,and then for other women who are generally encouraging, my aim is to accept what flows onto the page, as what is meant to. I'm fairly sure the word “perfection” left my vocabulary a long time ago.      

Thank you for taking the time to read this


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