Thursday, October 10, 2013

The first step

artist unknown

I have often encouraged others to take one step at a time - and here I am taking my first step into blog 'land', without a destination. The above image of a woman describes how I feel at this moment - open and ready to embark on the journey.

As I've entered my third chapter years ago (my "juicy years") and have sailed through most transitions with relative ease, I feel well equipped to share my experience and learning, and able to support many women via this online presence. What we do in this time of our lives, as women, seems to me vitally important. Questions like how have we made a difference? Have we followed our heart's calling?  Found our voice? 

For me, our third chapter is also one for living juicy, for speaking our truth and from our heart - they are the "growing years" says Jean Shinoda Bolen (more on her ideas in another post). 

As this blog will be public, I would ask that respondees be respectful of this sacred space I am creating for my sister network. Please comment mindfully. 

This blog also follows on from a formal university study I was involved in earlier this year about Women, Sexuality and Ageing.

So let's get juicy!