Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Re-Imagining Ourselves

This morning when I saw a post on Get Real, Wise Women Speak, that Marianne Williamson was running for congress, my heart fluttered with amusement and excitement. This news distracted me for a while from our local bushfire situation, to write this post.

Wow! I thought, good on you Marianne!! At this age in her life, she is stepping up. And then I related her move to my blog on being juicy and courageous in our 3rd chapter. Here is an excerpt from her announcement that captures the essence of her motivation to political life "I do not think of this move as a career change. Rather, I feel I’m further expanding my work by taking the transformational principles to which I have dedicated myself for the last thirty years into another area where they are sorely needed. While a new paradigm, holistic, relational perspective now saturates many areas of our society — from education to business to medicine to spirituality — our politics seem to be outside its reach. And we cannot afford to turn away from politics."
I was again inspired this week, and found myself on David Whyte's website. I love that man!  His books and poetry inspired me some 16 years ago when I was immersed in Social Ecology studies. He thinks that "most people, I believe, are living four or five years behind the curve of their own transformation. I see it all the time, in my own life and others. The temptation is to stay in a place where we were previously comfortable, making it difficult to move to the frontier that we're actually on now...get on with it...and stop wanting these extra-special circumstances". And he urges us to consider what we can do for ourselves or others that may open us up, and be thankful for when we later reflect on our lives.

So, what can you be wholehearted about now?  

What passion inspires you to take that first step into the unknown, 
without fear invading your cells.