Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mother Bear energy

to all you juicy women and brave souls 

Never in herstory has there been a generation of so many women in our age group! Just imagine how much change we can bring about by our actions, aligning together, and intending something - it always starts with that first idea, or step.  And I cannot stress enough, that we 'should' be raging, bringing forth more change than is currently happening. As mothers, grandmothers, or others, I believe it is up to we women, and some exceptional men, to ensure that our humanity's wellbeing is preserved.  

I know there are thousands of women's groups and circles world-wide actively involved in some way, and this is the reason for my blog, to reach out even further, and more importantly, supporting you to face what is in store for us, emotionally and spiritually. 

A few months ago I attended a Radical Passion seminar by Andrew Harvey, one of my favourite authors, and who is one of those exceptional men - a passionate visionary and advocate of the re-emergence of the sacred feminine principle of relatedness in our daily lives. Wow!  His passion and commitment to urging people to wake up and realise their deep connection to Mother Earth, was an energy to be experienced in the room. He is like the feminine force of nature that can be so fierce, but also so loving and gentle.

Andrew believes, as many of us do, that without this Mother energy - her unconditional love, sensitivity, protective nature, healing and balancing forces, and "Her infinite respect for the miracle of all life" - we will experience a global dark night of the soul, and the death of the human race and much of nature. 

In my next post I will share how we women can activate, clear and harness the energy of our three lower chakras, and how they relate to our 3rd chapter in life - being of service, creativity, and feeling confident and 'powerful'.