Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Going with your Feminine flow

Yesterday as I sat down to eat my lunch, I heard some negative self-talk from my monkey mind! I'd had a busy morning filled with much writing at my computer, a few yoga stretches, shopping and then cooking a couple of meals. I started to feel in no woman's land and felt an urgency to sit quietly, or journal. 

The inner talk went something like this "you've got too many interests", "you need to journal". So I started writing, which later became this post. As I reflected on these thoughts I noticed my easel in the corner beckoning me to paint, some books I'm currently reading scattered around, stuff in a pile to be put away, and then the thought that I need to inject some more energy into my practice. 
Today's self talk was just a SIGN that I needed to change how I go about my day, and to priortise a little more. I also realised that in the last week I had been on a huge learning curve - learning all the technical bits to blogging, and just maybe I had stretched myself a little. Go gently, was a kinder voice I heard!
So how do my reflections tie into today's post?
I've known for many years that a WOMAN'S WAY is sometimes like this - we can have a few projects cooking simultaneously. It's ok to be this way. Fortunately, or perhaps unfortunately, I have an accommodating learning style (I learned this while studying Social Ecology years ago)- that means I am a doer! So my challenge is how to organise my day so that I spend some quiet moments (at least 30 minutes) for centering, and prayer, or being in nature that is pure sustenance for my soul (or relaxing on this beach!) 
Belongil Beach, Nthn NSW
The key is knowing when to ALLOW one's feminine nature to have her time to:

            play . . rest . . in awareness

So have YOU allowed your Beauty to rest and indulge 
in some time out from the grind?

Listened to Her messages that want to be heard?