Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Freeing the Wild Woman

with thanks to dear Clarissa Pinkola Estes
a Wild Woman

today we travel up from our Root chakra into 
our sensual Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras

Our Sacral Chakra is in the pelvic region and is associated with our drives - sexual, financial, creativity and relationships. It is also connected to our divine feminine essence. A woman in the fullness of her Lover archetype resides in this chakra! When this chakra is free-flowing, we trust life, are passionate, able to give and receive pleasure, and are creative and vital.  When unbalanced it could point to unsatisfactory sexual experiences, abuse, not feeling nurtured as a child etc.  I tend to agree with Angela Farmer (yoga wise woman) who says that in our society "we've been pushed out of ourselves and we leave our sacred body and our Mother behind". We tighten and become rigid, but if we allow Her to open us up, we soften and we are supported in our growth.

Some tips for clearing and energising this chakra~

Feminine Yoga - watch this video by Angela Farmer, yoga teacher for over 30 years. You will not be disappointed.

Your Sensual Erotic self - reading some healthy erotic writing is a way to tune into your sensual self. Here is a link to a new author in this genre - worth checking out!

Belly Dance - wonderful for opening up this chakra, being with other women in dance 
and our sensual feminine selves. I thoroughly recommend it!

art by Freya

Our Solar Plexus Chakra (color is yellow but for page viewing purposes I have made it green) - just below our sternum, is the centre of our emotions and personal power, and is associated with our identity, our gut instincts, and becoming proficient in our chosen field. Our main challenge is to use our personal power in a balanced manner. When our personal power is low, we can experience fear, anger and sadness, and our breath can become restricted. 

Some tips for clearing and energising this chakra ~

Breath - practise breathing fully into your abdomen which will then help you connect more deeply to your personal power and intuition

Tune in - listen to your body's messages, do not deny your feelings or needs as psychological or physical problems can result - many women put their needs last

Your dharma - if you are not already doing what you love in the 3rd chapter, then follow your intuition, or ask a coach to help you find your way.