Monday, October 14, 2013

Boosting our juice

Have you yet felt the divine love of the juicy Goddess within you?   If not, then would you like to know how easy it is to extract her juice, and be infused with her essence?
Over the years I have noticed in my circle of friends, colleagues and clients, that many women are uncomfortable with their bodies, their sexual selves. There are many reasons why this occurs. Most of us have been pressured to act or look a certain way, whether we have received these messages via the media, or in our upbringing. But we are all so deliciously like Mother Earth in her shapes, colours, texture and feeling. 

Over time, by opening up and energising your 3 lower chakras, it will help you to feel more comfortable with your body, more energised, grounded and optimistic to do what you have been born to do. 

            It can also free up your sensual self to dare to be seen and heard!  

So are you ready for this unfolding within you?  It is a truly wonderful experience when you feel the essence of your deep feminine pulsing through every cell of your being, from your head down through your heart into your lower centres, and into your toes! 

Any healing in these chakaras will have a flow-on effect to your loved ones and community. And research with ageing people has shown that when we feel optimistic, with loving emotional connections, our life is improved considerably.

Although it is vitally important to engage our Heart Chakra in all that we do, I am just going to focus on our 3 lower chakras that represent the domain of our subconscious mind - and for us to feel empowered, emotionally well and strong, any unconscious or unresolved issues of our past must be dealt with, or integrated. 

Today starts with our first chakra, 

the Root Chakra which is at the base of the spine where the kundalini resides, Metaphorically this chakra has much to do with survival issues, family and community, having our basic needs met, feeling unsafe, and our connection to Mother Earth. When balanced, you will start to feel independent, capable, optimistic and trusting, and able to manifest what you need. Any imbalance will result in the opposite, and possible rage or terror. It is important to balance this chakra first before any others.

Some tips for clearing and energising this chakra~

Releasing obstacles - lovely Ganga Karen Ashworth has an mp3 chant for removing obstacles - I have been loving this for a year, so get your free audio here!
Living in the Now - vital for being of service - engage a professional you trust to help clear any past unresolved issues that may be keeping you stuck in the past.
Yoga techniques - here is a yoga pose that will help with this chakra, however, 
always seek the guidance of a teacher before doing any difficult pose.

Tomorrow I'll focus on the 2nd chakra, our sensual Sacral one!

I'm not sure if the above is helpful to you, so please comment, or share your experience. I intended for this blog to be interactive, so I welcome any links, your own experience, or anything else you think might be helpful for us. 

And if you've read to the end of this page, check out how some amazing women around the world are daring to be heard, regarding climate change.  I am in awe of them.