Friday, October 18, 2013

Becoming Wise Stewards

art by Bouvette

To come fully into our wise years we are called to balance our feminine and masculine energies, and become aware of our inherent divinity. Most spiritual traditions believe that the more we are aware of our interconnectedness with all that is, the more we will honour and become stewards of our fragile planet.  

So juicy elders, I believe that we have a HUGE role to play in assisting others to NAVIGATE the challenges in the future. Our combined lived experience, our skills, our creativity (yes, did you know that our mature mind is often more creative than a youthful one), our empathy and compassion for others, and hopefully, our commitment to preserving our planet for our grandchildren - what a difference we could make with our accumulated effort and wisdom!

As wisdom is not automatic because of our years, so some keys to help grow this wisdom are:

* Surrendering our ego, and confronting any death and loss

* Having the courage to address any denial, or fear of ageing.
* Preparing yourself emotionally, and your "inner bunker" to
  help others.
* Embracing your elder years with a passion and urgency.

And while busy doing the "hard" stuff, it is important to remember to:
play, be in nature, and engage in other right-brained activities so that you are emotionally, physically and spiritually prepared to be of service.

Have a wonderful, juicy and inspiring weekend