Friday, March 7, 2014

Embodying the Divine Feminine

I feel as if I have been on a 2 month retreat into my feminine soul. But I am back. To talk a little about Her - the Divine Feminine, in our lives.  

Two prompts inspired this topic. I recently contributed to a blog on what it felt like to embody the Divine Feminine, and the other was a comment by my friend, Kim Gould who expressed that my home radiated femininity! It was interesting to hear this as I was not aware of how my home affected others, as it feels so natural for me to feel and express the Divine Feminine in my surroundings.

So, what does YOUR home say about the woman who lives there?
Does it support your sacred feminine essence?
And can you see the presence of Mother Earth from your windows?

But more importantly, how do you embody or express the Divine Feminine in your life?  Or if you aren’t into the Divine Feminine, simply, how do YOU nurture your feminine soul?  It may not come as natural to you and others because of possible unacknowledged grief or feelings of shame about your body.  Many women are cut off from Her because of this, not inhabiting their innate feminine essence, and not able to replenish themselves, or even be open to receiving the guidance to do so. 

I LOVE witnessing how women world-wide are waking up to their Divine Feminine essence, connecting in circles and sharing their dreams, their joy and their wisdom. It gives me JOYful goose bumps and fills my heart!  Listen HERE to a heart-full video by Laura Paskell-Brown, a PhD student, who went to her first woman's circle that gave her permission to be Herself!

If I ever feel disheartened, I light a candle, sit quietly near my Goddess altar, and breathe in a colour that I associate with the Divine Feminine, and allow it to invigorate every cell of my being, and be held in this space as I imagine Her.  The following is a beautiful song Searching for the Mother Insidealbum by Deva Premal and Miten that is balm for our souls, and about Mother Earth.  
What feeds your feminine soul? 
Or is your inner Sacred Feminine asleep?
How do you express your femininity?

Even when we speak, we are sending out our vibration of who we are. And when we are embodying Her, we transmit a nurturing presence and safety to all who hear us, the spiritual essence of the Divine Feminine. Or do you hold yourself back from saying what you need to say, your all-knowing place of wisdom, because it might not be politically correct, or come from that left-brained voice of the masculine? 

Remember Helen Reddy in 1975 when she sang her famous song
Click HERE for a recent version of I AM WOMAN

Let's all sing our songs to the world for healing and balance