Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Tuning into the Heart of the Earth

As you emerge from the Solstice/Xmas period and shift into the vibration of 2014, I hope your intentions and actions are aligned with the wellbeing of our planet, and all its species. I also want to share with you how tuning into nature sustains me, and assists greatly in my emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing.

Tuning into Nature’s university has much to share. Bill Mollison’s advice to us is to “learn from the book of nature”, with trees being the “teachers of the law, and the true university is the forest”. It is also the medicine of the deep Feminine.

Unfortunately, modern life has dulled much of our instinctual senses. Our field is constantly affected by cell phones, electrical currents and artificial lights, as well as working in concrete and high-rise buildings with the constant noise of engines and machinery. 
Our heart, our main sense organ, is also not as receptive in these types of environments.
But, there are ways to redress this imbalance, and as Earth is a living organism, she is sustenance for your soul - a source of energy and healing, especially the warmth and energy from our Sun. Walking barefoot in nature is a start. Take off your shoes and stand for a few minutes.Imagine growing roots from the soles of your feet - these roots are reaching deep into the earth, or through the rocks below your feet. It might be an unknown place for you, but I en-COURAGE you to stay with this practice until you feel some connection to the earth beneath your feet.

Now imagine holding the Earth in your hands, and slowly bring this beautiful Earth ball towards your heart. Breathe into her, and notice your heartbeat and breath as you focus your thoughts and energy on this imaginary earth in your hands. Now breathe out healing energy from your heart into your Earth ball. Relax.
Open your eyes, and when you look around you, try to see nature with new eyes. Soft focus your eyes so that lines are blurred and everything around you seems part of the whole.  

My late mother lived most of her life in the country, revering trees and nature’s gifts, and growing most of our family’s food. She lived to 95 years, a testament to the healing properties of our abundant earth. And from her knowledge of nature she taught me how to sense earth – by listening to different bird songs that indicated weather changes, or observing the habits of insects and other creatures that alerted us to what was brewing.
Though I would love to be nearer to the ocean and beach, I am grateful for what is available here in the Blueys, and I’ve recently discovered a lovely waterhole that I intend to swim naked in soon, before winter sets in again!

Going naked – if you can find a private place to do this, then there are added benefits! Perhaps you have a secluded garden, access to a deserted beach, or know of an out of the way place in the bush?
Take off your clothes. 

Yes, get down to your bare flesh and bones.
Really inhabit your body - touch it, feel it as you stand or sit on some earth, or beach sand. Take your time. With conscious awareness, breathe into the space around you. Breathe with the wind, and whatever energy you sense in the space around you. Touch your face and arms, your breasts, feel the air wafting around your shoulders and down your back. Notice how it feels. How does your heart feel when you sense the space around you, without your clothing? Lay your hand on your heart as you tune in and feel appreciation for your amazing body, and of mother earth. 
Though I was a nude beach attendee back in the late 70’s for a few years, and this was a freeing experience, my first intentional naked bush experience since then in the Blue Mountains some years back, was even better. After a wander through the bushes, tuning into the sounds, textures and air around me, I lay for a while on a huge rock, secluded and surrounded by eucalyptus trees, birdsong and a distant hum of the highway traffic. 

I encourage you to remove your outer layer and sink into the experience as it is such a freeing feeling. Just remember though that ants love to find soft, juicy places to crawl onto!
And on that note, get naked, and get juicy with Mother Earth 

And I wish you all a very grounded, passionate and prosperous 2014.